Most IT organizations are finding that they must make changes to their storage management strategy to keep up with the exponential growth of data. Without sound planning, these changes and improvements can actually perpetuate existing problems or cause new ones to arise.

In most cases, budget and resources are in short supply, with staff already focused on managing daily operations. Developing a comprehensive plan requires time and resources. Most IT organizations are unable eliminate to day-to-day demands of fighting fires and keeping the data centre running. It requires storage experts who can step back and objectively see the "big picture".

The Seven Group's “Scope of Requirements Service” can help you establish the foundation for a reliable and cost-effective storage strategy. Our data management consultants work with you to assess your current storage capabilities, identify data availability and protection requirements to support current and future business operations. We then develop a priority list of requirements that must be addressed in order to handle growth and move forward with new projects.

Seven Group will document your assessment, which will provide your organization with a quick and economical path to make high-impact and immediate improvements in your storage environment before tackling your overall storage infrastructure.

The Seven Group Solutions and Product Offerings:

Pre-deployment consulting services
    These services begin with an evaluation of the client's existing environment and a detailed description of the requirements made on that environment. The Seven Group will then detail how well the clients IT infrastructure is meeting the current demands made upon it. We will also make recommendations on how they may better deploy their current systems to make best use of the existing hardware and software already on hand. 

The next stage of the engagement is to develop a Scope of Requirements for the upcoming IT needs of the client. A full solution will be designed to meet the client's conditions with attention paid to not only meeting the current requirement, but also taking into consideration such factors as ROI, TCO, manageability, scalability, availability, and over all integration into the existing environment. 

The hard deliverables in this engagement will vary based on the specific needs of a client but may include: Network topology diagrams, White papers, Competitive comparisons, project plans, scope of work, power-point presentations, configuration sheets, quotes for hardware, software and services.
Hardware and Software
    The Seven Group partners with tier one software and hardware vendors. Some of the key vendors are: Oracle, Hitachi Data Systems, Backbone Software, Veritas Software, Quantum ATL, HP, and Compaq, with special focus on storage and data management products.

The Seven Group will work on the client's behalf to ensure proper configuration and inter-operability of all systems, as well as managing procurement to guarantee all systems arrive on time and on budget.
Deployment Services
    The Seven Group will deploy and integrate services solutions provided to the client. This service will include pre-deployment staging, onsite deployment and integration into the client's environment, testing and documentation, and finally knowledge transfer service to the client's existing IT personnel.
Managed Services
    Along with a team of expert engineers, the Seven Group utilizes proprietary software that remotely alerts administrators on performance issues with an array of critical metrics sent automatically to a central data centre in Vancouver. Our team can provide 24x7x365 short term or long term managed services based on our client's needs. In addition to monitoring, administrating, and fixing the systems, our clients are supplied with a monthly report detailing vital statistics on their systems.

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