Our consultants can enable you to maximize the performance of your existing data and storage resources by fine-tuning, re-configuring, upgrading and re-allocating your existing assets. Applying proven best practice operational models to your specific environment may also improve the performance of your resources.

Seven Group can help you optimize one or more specific hardware or software components, or provide expertise across a particular data or storage focus area. Our consultants will work with you to optimize you backup and recovery process, perform upgrades to popular storage products, and help you improve utilization of your existing storage assets.

Seven Group's Optimization Service can improve your data and storage performance. 

In many cases this initial consulting is free of charge. This offer is only available within our geographic service area. ( Travel costs are not included. ) Seven Group's proprietary software can accurately measure and analyze utilization and performance metrics of your entire network. Simple and inexpensive improvements can often yield surprising results in terms of performance and maintenance.

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