DRBC - Distaster Recovery - Business Continuity

"Gartner estimates that two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster will go out of business in five years. Enterprises can improve those odds - but only if they take the necessary measures before and after the disaster"
-Gartner Group 2001

It is a fact that most organizations do not have a plan in place to ensure the ongoing operation of a company in the event of a disaster. Companies also do not tend to take in to consideration that it does not take a tornado to know out a vital part of its IT operations. Sometimes all it takes is a few mistaken keystrokes or for someone to simply trip over a plug in the data centre. The following initiatives have been taken by the Seven Group to answer the growing need to address DRBC requirements.

“Gartner research conducted in 2000 found that over 60 percent of IT managers surveyed did not believe their companies had a basic continuity plan to mitigate the effects of a disaster.”

Gartner Group 2000

How the Seven Group Can Help:

Free Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Needs assessments
The Seven Group's trained consultants would be willing to meet with you and your IT staff to analyze your current DRBC solutions and advise you of any areas that may be of concern to your company.

Free IT "Lunch and Learn" Presentation
The Seven Group will host a 40 minute lunch session for your IT staff at your office presenting valuable information on architecture requirements for both hardware and software in regards to DRBC.

Full solution offerings from design through to deployment, knowledge transfer and Managed Services
In partnership with our vendors we are prepared to design and deploy a solution custom designed to meet your companies requirements in regards to DRBC. If required we can also offer management services for systems placed off site in a co-location environment.

It is obvious that you know your company better than anyone does. What may not be obvious is how the Seven Group may be able to help ensure the ongoing success of your company in the event of a disaster. If you would like to take the first step, we can quickly determine all the possibilities.