Planning is only a small piece of implementing new technology, projects or processes. The installation, configuration and testing phases are equally as important. Seven Group's Deployment Services provides vendor-neutral practicality and project focus to help you implement and fully utilize  new data and storage tools without disruptions to daily  operations. By resolving most issues in our lab  and not at your site, we can help you complete your projects on time and within budget.

Installation and Configuration

Implementing a new technology means getting the most out of your investment. Without proper installation and configuration, your ROI could fall short. Today's complex environments often include multiple disk and tape solutions, server OS platforms, LAN and WAN protocols, as well as various system management and storage utilities such as multiple backup applications. Installing new data technologies usually requires a wider variety of skills than any single hardware or software vendor can provide.

Seven Group's deployment service helps you ensure that new technologies are installed and configured optimally. After all, new technologies should deliver maximum capability and performance to your environment. Seven Group consultants provide a single point of contact for your most complex implementation challenges providing multi-vendor project management, installation, testing, configuration, performance tuning, data migration, etc. We can effectively and objectively manage the "finger-pointing" that can sometimes occur during complex implementation projects. We can help you complete new technology installation on time and within budget.

Seven Group consultants work closely with your staff to define test conditions, set up testing scenarios, run tests, and verify test results. 

Seven Group can help you verify that sufficient data is tested to simulate your production environment and identify and resolve potential problems BEFORE production implementation. 

Seven Group will train your staff in the new technologies and perform knowledge transfer. This will help to ensure long-term success.

Project Management

Seven Group's consultants provide the required project management skills and focus to make your project a success, while minimizing the project's impact on business operations. Our consultants prepare a documented Project Plan including the estimated scope, duration, size, and effort thereby giving you accurate project costs. We also document success criteria for all project stakeholders, and ensure that these are met during the project. This Project Plan is documented and managed using automated tools and a structured methodology.

Your Seven Group project manager also facilitates formal and effective communication throughout the project keeping projects on track and eliminating small problems before they result in costly delays.

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